Airport Eating Tidbits

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You’ve packed well, maneuvered through traffic, trudged through the airport security line and now the waiting begins once again for your plane. Hungry? waiting at the airportRead this — Airport Changes Call for New Eating Strategies — where AICR Nutrition Advisor Karen Collins offers some airport eating tips that will help you stay full without adding too many calories to ruin your holiday meal.

Read it before you pack and it might prompt you to include some fruit or a bag of nuts.

For those of you carrying foods for gifts or feasts, according to TSA, you can bring a pie through security but jams, jellies, dips and pretty much everything else you should put in a checked bag. Here’s a list of prohibited food items from TSA.

Happy — and healthy — travels.

Wrapping Up Holiday Leftovers

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TurnkeyWrapsA delicious Turkey and Cranberry Wrap is this week’s Health-e-Recipe – a simple way to use up leftovers in a jiffy.

Wraps are portable, a snap to make and they can be healthy, too. Just stuff a whole-wheat, low-fat tortilla with lots of veggies: bell pepper strips, baby spinach leaves, chopped onions or scallions, shredded carrots and red cabbage.

Keep the dressing and cheese low-fat, use an ounce or two of some lean protein such as tuna or salmon, skinless poultry or lean red meat – and you’ll never see sandwiches the same way again.

You can also check out AICR’s Turkey, Spinach and Apple Wrap ; or go all out for Turkey Fajitas from AICR’s Test Kitchen.

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Warm up with Cancer-Fighting Soup

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It’s the official start to winter today and much of the East Coast is shoveling out from a record-setting snowstorm. It’s the perfect time for soup.

New World Harvest Vegetable Soup
New World Harvest Vegetable Soup

There’s plenty of health reasons to eat soup. Soups that are chock-full of vegetables, beans and other plant-based foods are filled with cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Making your own soup is a great way to add more plant foods to your day, and some research suggests that starting a meal with soup may help with portion control. Plus, a lab study published earlier this year found that chicken soup with matzah balls may even help fight high blood pressure. You can read the release about it here.

But most of all, soup just tastes good.

Try one of the healthy, cancer-fighting soups from our AICR Test Kitchen. You may also want to try a New World Harvest Vegetable Soup (pictured), which you can read about here.