Cut TV to Cut Cancer Risk

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Cut out some TV time; burn more calories.

This finding from a study published today is not exactly shocking, but it does suggest that flipping off one of those touching holiday movies every day can help prevent the seemingly inevitable weight gain every year.

gutica8Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, this new study also strengthens AICR’s expert report findings. The report found that sedentary living and watching a lot of TV was linked to weight gain and obesity, which is the big story in cancer lately. AICR estimates found that excess body fat leads to about 100,000 cancers every year in the United States.

You can read the study abstract here.

Basically, this was a small study that first counted how much TV 36 adults watched. All the participants were overweight or obese. After three weeks, they randomly split the participants into two groups: one group didn’t change their TV habits and the other cut their TV viewing time in half (this was enforced by an electronic lock-out system).

After another three weeks, the researchers found that those who watched less TV burned 119 more calories per day during the three-week lock-out period than the observation period. In comparison, the control group burned 95 fewer calories per day during this three-week  period compared to the observation period. Participants were wearing armbands that measured physical activity.

About 100 calories per day is the amount researchers estimate we need to either lose or burn in order to avoid weight gain.

Of course, this was a small study, participants were all overweight and they reported a minimum of 3 hours of daily TV watching per day but still, doing something instead of watching TV – or even while watching TV — is logically one way to avoid weight gain or even lose weight.

If you want to take a quiz to see if you are active enough for good health, click here.


    Sneak Health into Your Holiday Baking

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    LemonDropCookiesCan healthy eating and the holidays really coexist? They can in this week’s AICR Health-e-Recipe for lighter holiday cookies.

    AICR’s Lemon Drops have only 3.5 grams of total fat and 100 calories per cookie, weighing in as healthier than many other rich holiday treats.

    You’ll love their lemony kick, and  their whole-wheat flour provides longer-lasting energy than enriched white flour. Don’t worry if you can’t find whole-wheat pastry flour on your grocery shelf – you can use regular whole-wheat flour and still have your Lemon Drops come out crisp and delicious.

    Look for healthy ingredient substitutions that bring down the calories and fat in all your favorite recipes while keeping great taste intact.

    You also can download a copy of AICR’s Recipe Makeovers brochure from our Homemade for Health series.

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      From AICR eNEWS: 12 Days of Holiday Fitness

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      OrnamentTapeMeasureJust 12 days to ’till Christmas.

      If you feel like you’ve been swimming against the  (Yule) tide this year, this month’s AICR eNews has 12 tips for staying fit and active.

      Our production assistant Becky strapped on a pedometer and recorded how many steps it took her to perform various seasonal activities – everything from decking the halls to trimming the tree.

      Check out her article to see how she did.