Plant-Forward Eating During the Holidays

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Holidays can pose challenges when it comes to food. Whether you’re the one moving toward more plant-forward eating habits or you’re trying to accommodate diverse eating patterns as you host friends and family, it can be overwhelming. For some people, plant-based diets mean “plants-only,” and for others it’s “plant-forward.” The good news is that the transition to including more plant foods doesn’t need to be as challenging as it seems.

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What is a plant-based diet? AICR’s take

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You have committed to eat healthier and reduce cancer risk by following a plant-based diet – congrats! But if you’ve been looking for a good plan and are confused about what a plant-based diet looks like, you’re not alone. Vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian – what exactly is a plant-based diet?

Plant-based diet is a pretty generic term, interpreted many different ways. In it’s broadest definition, a plant-based diet is a diet built around a plate filled with mostly vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans. However it is defined, researchers, dietitians and other health care professionals widely agree that a plant-based diet offers powerful health benefits, including lower risk for cancer and many other chronic diseases. AICR evidence shows that eating whole grains, vegetables and other plant foods contribute to cancer protection. Choosing a diet that puts plant foods first also helps support a healthy weight – the most important lifestyle factor for reducing cancer risk, other than not smoking. Read more… “What is a plant-based diet? AICR’s take”