The Powerful Potential…of Pineapple

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At last night’s poster session, we caught up with Dr. Laura P. Hale of Duke University Medical Center.  Dr. Hale’s using an AICR grant to study bromelain, a combination of enzymes found in the stems of pineapples.  Specifically, she’s adding fresh pineapple juice to mouse diets to test its effect on the kind of inflammation that has been linked to colon cancer. 

As you’ll see, she’s getting some very promising results.

Phytochemicals: The Big Picture

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It’s the end of the afternoon session and Dr. Young-Joon Surh from South Korea is giving an overview of the health benefits of phytochemicals when it comes to cancer prevention. He talks about the work they have done on the health benefits of resveratrol, which has shown anti-cancer properties. Name a fruit or vegetable (or spice) and it likely contains a phytochemical studied for cancer prevention – or other health benefits. 36_Pike_Place_Market_very_long_display_of_fruits_and_vegetables

There’s many, many studies revealing how these phytochemicals act in the body: A lot of it seems to relate to reducing chronic inflammation. Hopefully soon, says Dr. Surh, we will know enough to identify what foods will help different groups of people at high-risk for cancer.