A Delightful Holiday Dessert

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Looking for an elegant dessert that’s easy and healthy? We have the perfect solution in today’s Health-e-Recipe for Poached Pears with Chocolate Sauce, flavored with lemon, cinnamon and chocolate. Dark chocolate in small amounts is now known for having phytochemical compounds that work with other healthy foods to protect our cells against cancer development. Dark chocolate candy, however, still contains sugar and fat that pile on calories, so eating it in small amounts — such as shaved over fruit or melted into a warm dip for fruit.

Another good thing to know about chocolate is that chocolate syrup has fewer calories and less fat than chocolate fudge sauce. That’s why this recipe can stay low-calorie while remaining so appealing.

Pears are one of the season’s most succulent fruits, with fiber, vitamin C and even a bit of potassium. Bosc pears are red-colored and among the best for cooking. That’s because they are dense and have less juice than other varieties, holding firm when heated. Ripe pears yield to gentle pressure; once ripe, refrigerate them and use within 5 days. For more delectable fruit recipes that fit into a cancer-fighting diet, visit the AICR Test Kitchen. Click here to subscribe to weekly Health-e-Recipes.

Cheers! Three Tips for Healthy Holiday Toasts

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This holiday season, we’re sharing strategies to help you toast your health with cancer-fighting food and beverage choices.

Alcohol is a cause of several cancers including breast and colorectal, and the extra calories you get from these drinks can lead to weight gain.  And that excess body fat is also a cause of several cancers.

Check out our December eNews article and video to learn how these three ideas can get you through the holidays without losing holiday deliciousness or compromising your health:

1.         Portion Size Management – think small glasses and standard drink size.  Check out how many calories are in some holiday beverages in eNews.

2.         Spruce Up the Seltzer – check out some colorful and tasty ways to go calorie free.

3.         Consider the Choices – be picky and choose what you really want.

You’ll also find a recipe for a cancer fighting Green Tea and Cranberry Punch (pictured above).

And, if you need some gift ideas check out “Top 10 Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving.

From AICR eNEWS: 12 Days of Holiday Fitness

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OrnamentTapeMeasureJust 12 days to ’till Christmas.

If you feel like you’ve been swimming against the  (Yule) tide this year, this month’s AICR eNews has 12 tips for staying fit and active.

Our production assistant Becky strapped on a pedometer and recorded how many steps it took her to perform various seasonal activities – everything from decking the halls to trimming the tree.

Check out her article to see how she did.