Cancer Screening Headlines and Prevention

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Everyone’s talking about that report released last Thursday from the US Centers for Disease Control. The news isn’t good: Not enough Americans are getting screened for cancer, and the numbers are distressingly low among Asian-Americans and Hispanics.

The CDC report, published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, finds that we are not meeting national targets for cancer screening; experts acknowledge that some patients are confused by conflicting advice over the timing of screening, and that access to care remains a huge issue, but they stress that screening saves lives.

Here at the American Institute for Cancer Research, we agree that early detection is key; this page provides the latest CDC information about screening of breast, colorectal and cervical cancers, as well as information about screening for lung, prostate, ovarian and skin cancer. Read more… “Cancer Screening Headlines and Prevention”

Major New Analysis: Fiber May Prevent Breast Cancer

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Eating a diet high in fiber (which occurs naturally in vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit) may protect women against breast cancer, according to one of the largest analyses of the literature published today online in the advance issue of Annals of Oncology.

The research was funded by the World Cancer Research Fund as part of AICR/WCRF’s Continuous Update Project (CUP) (pdf), an ongoing review of cancer prevention research.

The study found that for every 10 grams of fiber consumed daily – slightly less than a cup of beans – the risk of breast cancer was 5 percent lower. Consuming  20 grams of fiber daily would mean a 10 percent lower risk, and so on.

You can read the abstract here. Read more… “Major New Analysis: Fiber May Prevent Breast Cancer”

Diabetes & Breast Cancer – What Can You Do?

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Eating smart, moving more and staying lean are actions we know can lower risk for many common cancers, including breast.

Now, new research presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium last week showed that having type 2 diabetes significantly increases risk for postmenopausal breast cancer. In the Swedish study, women over age 60 with diabetes had a 37 percent increased risk for developing breast cancer if their diabetes had been diagnosed up to four years before cancer was diagnosed. AICR has written about the Diabetes-Cancer Connection, so this new study adds to the data showing a link between the two diseases.

Excess body fat is one shared risk factor for diabetes and cancer, so there are steps you can take to lower your risk for both diseases.

Get an early start to your New Year’s resolutions by finding ways to fit in more physical activity and choosing smaller portions of higher calorie foods to help get to and maintain a healthy weight. And that way you’ll feel even better this holiday season. Look here for some great ideas: Learning How to Fit Moving Into Your Already Busy Day, and Holiday Recipes from the AICR Test Kitchen. (Spoiler alert! Regular household cleaning counts as activity…and did you know pudding can be healthy?)

What do you do to stay a healthy weight during the holidays?