Attention Cancer Survivors—It’s Time to Thrive!

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A message from the founders of the AICR iTHRIVE Plan

We are cancer survivors and we’ve lost loved ones to cancer. The creation of the iTHRIVE Plan is very personal to us. We have spent the past two decades educating people about thriving after cancer, but we wanted to find a way for people to use our plan without having to read a book or attend a presentation. We wanted it to be easy, fun and inspirational. AICR’s iTHRIVE online plan is the result of a dedicated team, outstanding technology, high-quality, evidence-based content, and a commitment to cancer survivors throughout the world. And we are thrilled that it’s making a difference.

Meet Janice, a 64-year-old HER2-positive breast cancer survivor. Janice was diagnosed in 1999 at a time when there was not much information available for her type of breast cancer. Since her diagnosis she has been proactive with her healthcare and her recovery.

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How Can You Make Grilling Safe?

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It is grilling season once again in the United States and many Americans have plans for backyard summer events. Read what AICR knows when it comes to grilling and cancer risk.

“Research shows that diets high in red and processed meat increase risk for colon cancer,” said AICR’s Senior Director of Nutrition Programs, Alice Bender. “And grilling meat, red or white, at high temperatures forms potent cancer-causing substances. But by keeping five simple steps in mind, it is possible to make this summer’s backyard grilling both healthier and more flavorful.”

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Can Social Media Help Improve Health?

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Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have become the way that many people connect and share information. But can the use of social media and dedicated eHealth tools be combined to improve health?

During AICR’s annual conference, Deborah Tate, PhD professor in the Department of Health Behavior at the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Carmina G. Valle, PhD, MPH, of UNC’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, co-chaired a session about the use of emerging technologies to help people manage weight and engage in physical activity.

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