AICR in 2018 – Standing at the Frontier of Major Research Advances

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What a year 2018 has been for AICR and cancer research overall. These are exciting times for cancer research across prevention, treatment, and survivorship. While many of the headline-grabbing stories, and even a Nobel Prize, have focused on the treatment of cancer, there have been significant developments in cancer prevention and survivorship that I want to highlight. This year, 2018, has witnessed the convergence of several previously discreet cancer research tracks; now these tracks are seemingly converging on the territory that AICR has been mapping out for almost four decades.
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    Conversations About Weight: Finding a Healthy Balance

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    Recently, AICR/WCRF released its report Diet, nutrition and physical activity: Energy balance and body fatness, on lifestyle factors most strongly linked to weight gain, overweight and obesity. This is important for cancer prevention, because overweight and obesity increase risk for at least 12 types of cancer. Key findings from the new report show physical activity, certain foods and beverages, and dietary patterns play an important role in energy balance and body weight management.

    The same rigorous approach used in producing the AICR/WCRF Continuous Update Project (CUP) reports was used in compiling this report: the systematic reviews, meta-analyses and expert panel evaluations ensure the quality and trustworthiness of the evidence-based findings. These findings can help dietitians, doctors and health educators work with patients to explore specific behaviors that decrease or increase risk of weight gain. Encouraging clients to identify realistic and specific steps to avoid or stop weight gain can be empowering. Yet, there are challenges for clinicians in discussing weight, including obesity stigma, anti-fat bias, unrealistic weight loss goals and the difficulty of weight loss for many people. Read more… “Conversations About Weight: Finding a Healthy Balance”