Videos To Help Prevent Cancer?

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“Step away from the TV” is usually what you’d hear when we give advice to get active for cancer prevention.  But there may be a way the TV could actually help you get moving.

Rain, cold or any inclement weather provides an easy excuse to skip that walk or outdoor exercise every day. This is where the TV might actually help.

Pull out an exercise video and you’re on your way to dancing, step aerobics or just moving around your living room.

If you don’t have any exercise videos and want to know how to choose them, read the HealthTalk column by AICR’s Nutrition Consultant, Karen Collins.

Then get moving!

What’s your favorite exercise video?

Friday Quiz: Test Your Cancer Prevention Knowledge

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Have you been reading our blog lately? We’ve posted some exciting research reports and interviews with researchers from our conference as well as information about the weekly Health-e-Recipe. Take the quiz and then link to the related blog postings from the answers below.

1.  What are SOFAS?

a.            Furniture you sit on to watch TV; couches
b.            Stretch Out For Activity Sessions
c.            Solid Fats and Added Sugar

2.  What amount of broccoli sprouts contains the level of sulforaphane used in lab studies that led to epigenetic changes resulting in reduced telomerase in cells?

a.            5 cups
b.            1 cup
c.            2 Tablespoons

3.            True or False.  If you haven’t been active or eaten a healthy diet by the time you’re 70, it’s too late to do anything to lower your cancer risk.

4.            True or False.  The bacteria that live in our gut may play a role in cancer prevention.

5.            True or False:  Some day there may be dietary guidelines for preventing DNA damage.

6.            AICR’s Health-e-Recipe this week contains what healthy food(s)?

a.            Almonds
b.            Figs
c.            Both

7.  True or False:  Sedentary behavior may increase cancer risk.

Keep reading for answers and click on answer to read the original post:

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Couch Potatoes and Cancer Risk

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At the AICR Research Conference last week, there was a lot of talk on the evidence linking physical activity to improving the health of cancer survivors. For several cancers, including breast and colon, a growing number of studies suggest that physical activity can help reduce risk of recurrence and improve many aspects of survivor’s physiological and psychological health.

But if being physically active can decrease cancer risk, can sitting around a lot – a.k.a. sedentary behavior – increase risk? It’s quite possible, suggests a new review article. The article was published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, and you can read the abstract here.

Sedentary behavior research is an emerging field of study. In research, the term sedentary behavior refers to prolonged sitting or lying down, such as playing computer games or watching TV for hours at a time.  If a woman exercises vigorously for 60 minutes every day then watches TV all night every night, she is exhibiting sedentary behavior.

The review found that 10 of 18 studies linked increased sedentary behavior to cancer risk. Sedentary behavior was linked with increased colorectal, endometrial, ovarian, and prostate cancer risk; cancer mortality in women; and weight gain in colorectal cancer survivors.

AICR’s expert report and its updates found that sedentary living increased the risk of excess body fat, which is one cause of seven types of cancer. Right now, more research is needed to understand the links and mechanisms of not moving and cancer risk, but one thing is known: moving more is a good thing. Physical activity helps prevent several cancers and a host of other poor health outcomes.

For tips on being active, look on adding activity to your day.

If you have a tip of your own, please share.