A 4,000 Year-Old Healthy Food

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Chickpeas pop up in cuisines worldwide. Known by archeologists to have been used in India since 2,000 B.C., chickpeas appear in India’s channa masala, in Mexico’s tortilla soup and in Middle Eastern felafels and hummus.

Like other beans, they’ve got fiber, protein and folate, a B vitamin that is linked to lower cancer risk.  And for little yellow orbs, they have a particularly satisfying taste.

Today’s Health-e-Recipe for Tuscan Chickpea Soup combines chickpeas with other foods that fight cancer, including a broth redolent with garlic and fresh rosemary. It’s a healthy comfort food for Spring. Click here to subscribe to AICR’s weekly Health-E-Recipes.

Study Links Multivitamins, Breast Cancer

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The already confusing link between dietary supplements and cancer risk just got a tiny bit murkier.

A study published online last week in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tracked approximately 35,000 middle-aged Swedish women.  After 10 years, women who said they took multivitamins were found to be at a 19% greater risk for breast cancer than women who didn’t take multivitamins.

This is a large study, but it’s still only one study, and no one should ever change their behavior based on the results of a single study.

But it’s only the latest to suggest that we should look to the whole diet, not supplements, for cancer protection.

For more on this often confusing issue, and the AICR “bottom line,” check out our In The News statement.

Cancer Fighting Recipes for Easter

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For those of you preparing an Easter meal this weekend, you are likely planning to serve Lamb or Ham (if you’re not vegetarian). Ham is a tradition in the U.S. because before refrigeration, pork was cured after the fall slaughter, but it wasn’t ready to be eaten until spring. So by Easter time, the curing process was complete.
AICR recommends avoiding processed meat such as ham because it is a cause of colon cancer, however, this may be one of those special occasions for you and your family when ham makes an appearance at your dinner table.
Just be sure to fill the rest of your plate with cancer-fighting plant foods like vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes. Try some recipes From the AICR Test Kitchen:
Spring Vegetable Soup – quick, easy and colorful
Roasted Asparagus with Garlic – a beautiful accompaniment to any spring meal