Cancer Prevention in a Can

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With summer in full swing, one of the last things I want to do is turn on the oven. But when grilling outside is not an option, I rely on canned foods.

Many things that you can get fresh – fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish – you can also find in a can. If you shop with a discerning eye and make sure to check labels for added sugars and sodium, canned foods can be a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to prepare a nutritious and cancer-protective meal. Read more… “Cancer Prevention in a Can”

I finally got a standing desk. Here’s what happened.

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Two years ago, I interviewed a few of my colleagues here at AICR about their experience with using a standing desk. We were using the “sit-stand” variety that allows you to adjust the height but I didn’t get one then because of my desk setup.

Last summer, though, I came back to the office from a week of being out and I noticed that my hips were achy after sitting for a few hours. I tried a few DIY remedies — using a footstool, walking about frequently,– nothing helped.

Then the offer of a standing desk came around again. This time, I switched up my computer setup to make it work and I’m so glad I did! Now that I’ve used the standing desk for over eight months, I want to share. For anyone thinking of getting one, here’s what I found: Read more… “I finally got a standing desk. Here’s what happened.”

So You’re Thinking of a Standing Desk? Learn From Us.

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A few AICR staff enjoying standing while working!

There’s been a buzz around the AICR office lately. Not only because we kicked off our CanPrevent campaign, but a new wave of staff has opted to install standing desks! It’s wonderful to walk past offices and see some of my colleagues standing tall and typing away or reading.

Our organization offered them to us because studies have suggested that sitting or lying down for long periods of time may play a role in increased cancer risk. Standing doesn’t replace being active, but it is one way to put AICR Recommendations into action.

Standing desks were new to everyone here, so I went around asking my coworkers about their experiences and challenges. Here’s the overview.

The biggest challenges
Two challenges people faced were getting sore feet and going back and forth between documents on their desk and computer when they were standing. Comfy shoes and adapting your desk space could help – see tips below. Read more… “So You’re Thinking of a Standing Desk? Learn From Us.”