Cancer Metabolism? It’s Complicated

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Last weekend, I attended the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) conference on Metabolism and Cancer. This meeting was a three-day immersion in a topic that, even after over 20 years as a cancer researcher, was sometimes enough to make my head spin. Fortunately, sharper minds than mine are chipping away at the almost overwhelming complexity to reveal the secrets of how tumors grow, spread, evade our immune system and become resistant to treatments. The bottom line is: it’s complicated.

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AICR Grant Review Panel Meets

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Earlier this month, 18 Grant Review Panel members met at the American Institute for Cancer Research office in Arlington, Virginia, to evaluate grant proposals addressing the effects of lifestyle choices on cancer risk and outcomes. These applications were submitted in response to AICR’s call for proposals to fund projects investigating the link between diet, physical activity, body composition, and cancer.

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“The Ride We Are Passionate About”

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Ten years ago, the first edition of Alberta’s Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer was held in the foothills south of Calgary. This weekend, I will be doing The Ride for the tenth time. Since it started, The Ride has raised over $66 million for cancer research, cancer prevention and enhanced cancer care. A decade of riding and fundraising compels me to ask myself, “What has it accomplished? What has changed?” Well, the answer to those questions is that The Ride, and the proceeds raised by it and other events like it, have facilitated unprecedented progress and had a massive impact on the lives of those facing cancer. Read more… ““The Ride We Are Passionate About””