How Gardening Can Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

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With the weather warming and the days becoming longer, we begin breaking out of our homes and shaking off the last dregs of winter. Americans enjoy a renewed interest in outdoor activities with the warmer weather—and while there’s no shortage of outdoor activities, gardening is one that can help boost physical activity levels as well as the number of veggies on your plate.

Gardening is a wonderful activity because it’s scaleable—if you have a small space, like an apartment, you can use window boxes to grow smaller plants like herbs, or find a community garden that has a plot that you can use. If your space is larger, you can grow vegetables like peppers and eggplants, and you might even want to try fruits like strawberries.

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Putting Prevention into Public Policy

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It is an unfortunate reality that a large percentage of Americans’ diets can be categorized as nutritionally poor. The fast-paced lifestyle lived by many makes it all too easy to ingest too many processed meats, refined grains and sugary beverages and too few fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, due in part to the widespread availability of such items and a lack of knowledge on how to eat a healthful diet.
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