Summer Drinks with Less Sugar

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AICR’s latest report on cancer prevention features a new recommendation on choosing healthy, cancer-preventive beverages. Specifically, it calls for limiting sugar-sweetened drinks.

There is no strong evidence that directly links sugar to increased cancer risk, yet there is an indirect link.

The new guidance highlights the convincing evidence that sugar-sweetened beverages cause weight gain, overweight and obesity, which is linked to 12 cancers. These drinks provide a lot of calories, but they don’t make you feel as full as food, like a sandwich or banana would. That makes it easier to overdo on calories – especially on drinks that provide few or no nutrients.

The good news is that you can feel just as refreshed with beverages that don’t load up on sweetness. Try some of these hydrating drinks or mix and match your own with our guide below!

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Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

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Buddha bowls—light, healthy meals comprised of a whole grain, lots of vegetables, a healthful protein source, and a flavorful sauce—are all the rage.

This recipe is excellent for meal prep by preparing 4 individual servings in sealed containers and refrigerating it to be enjoyed during the week. You can also serve this recipe in one large dish by following instructions and arranging all ingredients in one large salad bowl instead of 4 individual serving bowls. Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial to creating your own healthy Buddha bowl!

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Making Vegetarian Cauliflower ‘Osso Bucco’

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Cauliflower steaks are a great culinary alternative to various animal-based proteins. If you follow a plant-based diet, think about using them in place of beef, veal or other animal proteins.  For example, cauliflower can boost your vegetable intake by replacing meat in many stews and other casseroles, such as my Cauliflower Cashew Carrot Curry.

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