Q&A with our Cancer Fighter of the Month. How does she do it?

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Carla is April’s “AICR Cancer Fighter of the Month”. A mother of two, Carla’s using her personal fitness goals to raise funds for cancer research and build awareness for health, fitness and cancer prevention. We asked Carla about her active lifestyle and what motivated her to start her journey to health.

Here are photos of Carla before and after.

Q:  You’re competing in a figure competition next month. Why did you decide to compete and fund-raise for AICR? 

A:  With my 40th birthday approaching in November 2011, I started to contemplate doing a figure or bodybuilding competition to commemorate this milestone. I had recently gotten back into shape after having my daughters and was really passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I was still somewhat on the fence about the decision when something happened that created a “tipping point” for me. My dear friend Sue lost her battle with ovarian cancer. I became determined to find a way to pursue my goal while also raising funds for cancer research. I’m just so grateful AICR was there to support me in doing so.  Read more… “Q&A with our Cancer Fighter of the Month. How does she do it?”

Ate an Apple? HealthyBrag About It

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We all have them, the friends and family who are always sharing tidbits about their healthy lifestyles. “Ran 2 miles today.” or “Cooked a healthy meal for my family last night!” Everyday they are leading healthier lives while we sit at our computer and listen to them do it. Well, now it’s your turn to start leading a healthier lifestyle and gain some bragging rights by joining AICR’s new #healthybrag campaign on Facebook.

An AICR #healthybrag is a way to share your healthiest choices. It might be taking a short walk in the morning or going for the beans instead of the burger. Posting your accomplishments will help you gain support and may even inspire someone else to make a change.

AICR has tons of online resources to help you begin your healthy bragging. Check out our Health-e-Recipes for meal ideas and alternatives to comfort foods. Also, head over to our Reduce your Risk page to find out how diet, physical activity, and weight management can help reduce your risk of cancer.

Look for our healthy bragging posts and share one of your own every Monday, starting today, on AICR’s Facebook. Whoever’s #healthybrag gets the most Likes by Tuesday morning will win a small prize from AICR.

And if you want to share your healthybrag here, please do!





AICR’s Cancer Fighter of the Month: Running Marathons

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Tracy (on right) at the Chicago marathon

We hear so many inspiring stories here at AICR that we wanted to highlight some of the survivors, researchers, and others making a difference in cancer prevention and survivorship research. To kick off marathon season, our first AICR Cancer Fighter of the Month is a runner who became a part of TeamAICR five years ago.

In 2011, TeamAICR runners raised more than $65,000 for cancer research.

Tracy LosBañes was TeamAICR’s top individual fundraiser last year. Like many runners, Tracy came to AICR with a passion for running and, like most other runners, she has been touched by cancer: her father was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Read more… “AICR’s Cancer Fighter of the Month: Running Marathons”