Moving and Eating Better: Going Beyond the Blueprint at #AICR19

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“Build it and they will come.” This is what God said to Noah when he was skeptical about embarking on the ark. But, is it always true? How many patient programs are conceived, conducted and then abandoned because they do not draw a critical mass of patients? Hundreds of diet and exercise interventions have proven effective in clinical trials, but how many now sit on the shelf because they are too difficult or too expensive to implement? The answer is hundreds.

At the American Institute for Cancer Research 2019 Research Conference, there are many people determined to change that, though. I am particularly excited about one of the split sessions I am co-chairing with Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone, which will address key issues in dissemination and implementation (D&I) research as it relates to diet, weight management and physical activity interventions to prevent or control cancer.

The session, titled, “Dissemination and Implementation Science – Getting Americans Moving and Eating Better,” will be convened on Thursday, May 16th at 11:15 am to 12:30 pm. April Oh, Program Director in the Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute, will discuss key elements of D&I research. These elements and methods are critical to gain a foothold so that future interventions can make a larger and more sustainable impact on the overall health of our target populations. Laura Rogers, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will follow this foundational presentation with an example of how she and her team adapted the Better Exercise Adherence after Treatment for (BEAT) cancer intervention that was initially pursued within an academic cancer center, so that it could be implemented more broadly in the community care setting. She will further discuss adaptations that utilize a web-based platform and the steps that she is currently pursuing to enhance scalability and even broader dissemination. Come join this session to learn how to make more of an impact with your programs and your trials.

Join leading scientists, researchers, health professionals and dietitians to hear the latest in diet and lifestyle research in cancer prevention and survivorship. The AICR 2019 Research Conference “Diet, Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer – Beyond the Blueprint,” will provide a unique forum for conversations on lifestyle-related research across the cancer continuum.


Author: Wendy Demark-Wahnefried

Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, Ph.D., R.D., is professor and Webb Endowed Chair of Nutrition Sciences and the associate director for cancer prevention and control at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center.

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