The Inspiration Behind the iTHRIVE Plan

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The iTHRIVE Plan – and all of our collaborative work – began with our shared vision: to ease the suffering caused by cancer and help transform cancer care in this country. This vision arose from our perspectives as professionals, but also from our deep personal experiences. We are both cancer thrivers (Karolyn is a 23+ year survivor of ovarian cancer and Lise was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago!). To make our vision come alive we vowed to provide people diagnosed with cancer trustworthy guidance and information about evidence-based lifestyle wellness strategies that have the ability to heal in a variety of ways. This vision has indeed guided our work together ever since.

We began by co-authoring our first book, the Definitive Guide to Cancer, in the late 1990s. From this began our multi-decade collaboration. In addition to our latest, the Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer, we also host a weekly live radio show on the Cancer Support Network ( that is available on iHeart Radio ( We know this work is valuable to thrivers and supports our vision, but our passion was to make these strategies universally available. That meant we needed to go digital. As a result, the iTHRIVE Plan was born.

iTHRIVE is unique because of several important underlying principles for the iTHRIVE Plan: All of the information in iTHRIVE is evidence-based. That means, for every recommended Action Step, we list human clinical studies that provide the scientific rationale for that strategy. The iTHRIVE plan is also highly personalized, taking into account each user’s needs, interests, abilities and knowledge. By introducing small, easy-to-accomplish daily steps, the iTHRIVE Plan helps motivate behavioral changes and encourages each user to stay engaged with iTHRIVE. This results in healthy habits that are sustainable for the long haul.

The iTHRIVE Plan also grows with each user and adapts to the user’s needs over time so it is always relevant and engaging. The iTHRIVE Plan gives users lifestyle-based tools to lower their risk of chronic illnesses, including cancer, and to THRIVE! We are thrilled when users tell us that the iTHRIVE Plan has improved their health and that using the plan is inspirational, fun and engaging!

We are excited to partner with AICR, an organization that we hold in high esteem, to offer iTHRIVE to their community absolutely free of charge. Like AICR, we value trustworthy, evidenced-based lifestyle change as an important component of the healing journey. We hope you enjoy the iTHRIVE Plan and that you discover greater wellness in your life as a result.


Author: Lise and Karolyn

Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella are co-creators of the iTHRIVE Plan. Their program meets the Commission on Cancer Survivorship Care Plan mandate and is being used in Cancer Centers. Dr. Alschuler and Ms. Gazella are experts in using an integrative approach to educate and help people improve their health with lifestyle strategies.

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