Healthy Recipe: Golden Vegan Veggie Balls

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Holiday cooking doesn’t have to focus on decadent casseroles, pounds of meat, and indulgent desserts. You can boost the delicious, health potential of holiday meals with more plant foods, such as whole grains, beans, and seasonal vegetables. After all, some of the most delicious items on the holiday table—green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and stuffing—are all about plants.

If you’re trying to shine the light on plant foods this holiday, try making a plant-based entrée alternative. One of my favorite options is veggie “meatballs”—savory little balls filled with the goodness of beans, grains, vegetables, and herbs.

These crispy veggie balls are filled with the earthy, holiday flavors of golden beets, white beans, sage, and hazelnuts. Serve them with this easy, plant-based almond crema dip flavored with cranberries and sage. This dish makes the perfect party appetizer, holiday entrée, or comfort food. Just watch meat-eaters and plant-eaters alike gobble them up in no time.

Crispy, savory veggie balls star golden beets, mushrooms, and hazelnuts.


This recipe is filled with fresh golden beets—an heirloom variety of beets with a sunny yellow shade—which can be shredded quickly in a food processor.

Chill the veggie-ball mixture to thicken it before shaping it into balls.

Bake veggie-balls until crisp and golden.

This plant-based Almond Sage Cranberry Crema can be whipped up easily with soaked almonds, lemon juice, and seasonings.


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