New Research, Exercise is Safe, Helpful for Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients

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Back in 2010, the American College of Sports Medicine put out new guidelines for cancer survivors when it comes to being active. The main gist: avoid inactivity and aim for the government guidelines of 150 minutes a week.

But the field of exercise and those undergoing cancer treatment is relatively new, and the experts said more research is needed. It’s important for the growing population of cancer survivors – now 15.5 million and growing quickly – and their loved ones.

Now comes a new study from researchers at Ohio State that shows exercise is indeed safe and provides improvement for breast and prostate cancer patients. The scientists presented their research at our conference. You can read more about it here



Author: Mya Nelson

Mya R. Nelson is at American Institute for Cancer Research, where she writes about the research in the field.

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