Anti-inflammatory diet may lower risk of mortality from heart disease among breast cancer survivors

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There’s been a lot of research on anti-inflammatory diets over the years, much of it related to cancer and other chronic diseases. That’s because chronic inflammation is strongly associated with the development of many cancers, such as colorectal.

Those links led to University of South Carolina researchers developing a dietary inflammatory index — a measure of how much foods and its components may increase or decrease inflammation. Here’s some of foods.

anti-inflammatory-foods-x600At today’s conference, USC researchers talked about the findings of a new study on the DII and breast cancer survivors. The study found that breast cancer survivors who follow the most anti-inflammatory diet after diagnosis – one filled with whole grains, spices, healthy fats and vegetables – appear to have lower risk of cardiovascular disease mortality than those survivors eating a Western-style pro-inflammatory diet.

It’s all about a healthy dietary pattern, say the researchers. You can read more about the study here.


Author: Mya Nelson

Mya R. Nelson is at American Institute for Cancer Research, where she writes about the research in the field.

2 thoughts on “Anti-inflammatory diet may lower risk of mortality from heart disease among breast cancer survivors”

  1. Much yet to be followed and openly encouraged with gluten sensitivity (not celiac disease). Beyond Celiac web site excellent sharing of the real time phenomena identified; fibromyalgia= gluten sensitivity cause.
    Stop gluten in diet and see what life changing results are in front of you and your patients. Such a victory for them.

  2. Nutrition with a low content of proinflammatory substances reduces the risk of malignant disease or other mass non-communicable diseases.

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