Five Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy that Could Even Be Healthy

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10762288_sNow that Halloween has come and gone, it’s time for the annual question: what to do with the leftover treats your kids have racked up? Here are a few creative ways to use that candy, from quick snacks to science projects, that are both fun and educational.

1. Cereal and Nut Mix
This can be a delicious and healthful snack to make with kids. Use a mix of whole-wheat cereal, nuts – and this year – some of your Halloween candy. Whether you enjoy candy corn or crispy chocolate bars, adding small amounts make a creative addition to the whole-grain cereal and nut mixture. This would be a great snack for Thanksgiving dinner—you’re going to need something to hold you over while the turkey is baking!

2. Piñata
Do you have an upcoming party that will feature a piñata? Save that Halloween candy! No need to buy more when you have leftovers. Use it to fill the piñata and enjoy!

3. Paint with Rainbow Candies
If this candy is still in the bag, get your kids excited to create works of art with rainbow candy paint. To get started, separate your fruity, colored candies by color, in cups or glass jars. Next, cover with corn syrup and allow to sit until the corn syrup is brightly colored. Do not remove the candies. Now, grab some paper and a paintbrush and create a masterpiece! This is also a great activity for young children to learn how to sort things.

4. Think Science
Have you ever considered using Halloween candy for a science experiment? Excite kids about science by having them hypothesize which liquid will dissolve the candy corn or pumpkin the fastest. Liquids can include water, milk, juice, etc. Be creative! Have the children guess which liquid will get the job done faster. They can observe how the candy changes and after about 5 minutes, remove the candy from the liquid and discuss with them the changes they see. Consider trying some other candy if they enjoy the experiment.

5. Yes, Dessert
There is no way we could make this list without including healthy ways to incorporate leftover Halloween candy into other desserts. Frozen bananas are a healthy treat for kids and they are versatile. Melt together your snack-sized chocolate bars for dipping bananas. After dipping, coat chocolate in nuts you may have received or a few small pieces of another candy. Fruit kabobs are also a lot of fun to make. Demonstrate moderation for your children by cutting up a small candy bar to add to your layered fruit kabobs. Fruits are a healthy sweet treat and the addition of a little chocolate make it extra special.

Give one of these activities a try and let us know what you think!


Author: Tauryn

Tauryn Carter has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University. She is currently a AICR Nutrition Education intern.

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