Grilling Up a Patriotic and Cancer Preventive Plate

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On this fourth of July, treat your family and friends to a healthy, delicious and cancer-protective backyard barbecue featuring a patriotic red, white and blue menu.

Brightly colored seasonal and familiar favorites like watermelon and blueberries are always welcome, but it’s also a great time to introduce new food ideas that fit on AICR’s New American Plate – a plant-focused way of eating for cancer prevention.20286510_m

1. Grilling in White: Fish is tasty done on the grill – whether you go with steaks, fillets (try a wire grill basket) or whole fish, marinating ahead of time keeps it moist, flavorful and may help reduce formation of certain carcinogenic compounds that form on animal protein with high heat and charring. Try our Tilapia with Warm Tomato Salsa or Moroccan Grilled Fish with Charmoula.

2. Blue Hues: Blue or purple potatoes add the wow factor and vibrancy to your plate. Potatoes provide cancer-fighting fiber and vitamin C, along with the minerals potassium and magnesium. Steam them whole until just tender, slice and either marinate until ready to use, or brush with olive oil and grill immediately. Your marinade can be a simple mix of oil, vinegar and herbs – here are a few marinade recipes to inspire you.

3. A Dash of Red: Make your plate pop with the tomato salsa for the Tiliapia recipe or simply slice a juicy, ripe tomato and garnish with basil or oregano. Or check out our 13 Ways of Eating a Tomato for many more delicious ideas.

Finish with a burst of color with vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream as the base, then provide red, white and blue toppings like cherries, red raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, sliced bananas and strawberries.

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Author: Alice RD

Alice G. Bender, MS, RDN, is the Director of Nutrition Programs at AICR. She helps put the science of cancer prevention into action by providing tips and tools to choose nutritious and delicious foods. Alice has guided thousands of individuals to healthier lives through diet changes and choices.

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