A Garbanzo Extravaganza

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garbanzo-saute copySummer vegetables star in our Health-e-Recipe for Garbanzo Vegetable Sauté. It’s a trove of fiber, protein and cancer-protective phytochemicals.

The lightness of summer squash makes it ideal for summer meals. After trimming the ends, try using a vegetable peeler to make thin, ribbon-like slices that need just a little cooking and yield a lot of taste.

Fresh basil and oregano sautéed with garlic give the squash, mushrooms and garbanzos fantastic flavor. The mint and tomato add the finishing touch. Serve it over brown rice, which adds protein to that of the garbanzos. Altogether, you get 11 grams of protein per serving, along with a hefty 9 grams of cancer-fighting fiber.

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