The Beet of Your Heart

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the deep red of beets in this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Spinach Salad with Creamy Beet Dressing. The velvety texture and sweet taste of beets is a natural companion to baby spinach leaves in this cancer-fighting dish.

Beets are a root vegetable that is popular canned, although fresh beets will win your heart once you’ve tasted them. Their red juice can stain your hands, so when handling and cutting them, slip your hands into plastic bags and you won’t have that problem. (In fact, the beautiful magenta of their juice can really add color to dressings that use low-fat plain yogurt.)

In this salad, we also feature fresh green beans, endive and sweet onion to make it even more interesting. Tossed with a dressing where tangy Dijon mustard and apple cider combine with olive oil and flavorful fat-free broth, this salad is one you’ll truly love.

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Author: Cathy Wolz

Catherine Wolz is a writer, editor, and publications consultant for AICR.

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