Add Piquant Peppers to Chicken

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Sweet and peppery flavor is the essence of this week’s Health-e-Recipe for Quick Italian Chicken with Roasted Peppers. Its colorful bell peppers and tomatoes signal that it’s full of cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

These natural compounds – lycopene in the tomatoes and beta-carotene in the red peppers – evolved in all plants in the form of color and scent to help ensure survival. And, as we’ve discovered in AICR’s 30 years of funding diet and cancer research, phytochemicals also protect our health against cancer. That’s why eating a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans every day is AICR’s advice along with at least 30 minutes of daily physical activit, for reducing your cancer risk.

Our recipes are developed especially for the AICR Test Kitchen to help you eat mostly plant-based meals that satisfy your tastebuds and are easily prepared. Click here to subscribe to our weekly Health-e-Recipes.


Author: Cathy Wolz

Catherine Wolz is a writer, editor, and publications consultant for AICR.

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