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Quick, easy and colorful, AICR’s Health-e-Recipe this week for Seared Herb Chicken and Veggies is a delicious, cancer-fighting meal.

Herbs and spices are key ingredients here: Indian spices fennel, yellow turmeric, cumin and coriander are blended with oregano and cayenne pepper to put a kick in your chicken and veggies. Many spices and herbs contain phytochemicals found to reduce inflammation. When added regularly to meals, even in small quantities, they fortify the cancer-fighting compounds in plant foods.

Red and yellow bell peppers, orange carrots and red onion make this recipe a treat for your eyes as well as your tastebuds. The generous amount of garlic, plus lime juice and mint, give you an extraordinarily satisfying dish that only needs a half-cup of brown rice or whole-wheat pasta per serving to round it out in a healthful way.

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