Community Supported Agriculture Delivers

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This year’s vegetable season may be nearing its end, but there‚Äôs still plenty of ways to add those fresh, cancer-fighting foods to your meals. One popular way is through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. A recent USDA survey found over 12,500 CSA farms.

CSA farms are a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm where growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. The advantages to signing up for a program like this are fairly straightforward: You get fresh food and know where that food comes from; you’re exposed to new types of vegetables/fruits, and you can try new ways of cooking them. Also, some CSA farms offer a customer visit at least once during the farming season. This way, farmers get to meet who their food goes to and build a relationship with their buyers.

For ideas on ways to cook up or enjoy your box of produce, take a look at the New American Plate. To find a CSA farm near you, check out Local Harvest for listings.

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