A 4,000 Year-Old Healthy Food

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Chickpeas pop up in cuisines worldwide. Known by archeologists to have been used in India since 2,000 B.C., chickpeas appear in India’s channa masala, in Mexico’s tortilla soup and in Middle Eastern felafels and hummus.

Like other beans, they’ve got fiber, protein and folate, a B vitamin that is linked to lower cancer risk.  And for little yellow orbs, they have a particularly satisfying taste.

Today’s Health-e-Recipe for Tuscan Chickpea Soup combines chickpeas with other foods that fight cancer, including a broth redolent with garlic and fresh rosemary. It’s a healthy comfort food for Spring. Click here to subscribe to AICR’s weekly Health-E-Recipes.


Author: Cathy Wolz

Catherine Wolz is a writer, editor, and publications consultant for AICR.

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