Hot Tomatoes

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This week’s AICR Health-e-Recipe,  Tomato Tartlets, requires a bit more prep time than our usual recipes, but we think these savory treats are worth it.

Did you know that heating and processing tFD002080_47omatoes makes it easier for your body to absorb their lycopene – a phytochemical that has been found to slow the growth of prostate cancer cells?

It’s possible to get health protection from eating plenty of processed tomato products (sauce, juice, etc.). Just pick the reduced-sodium versions and combine them with other vegetables – broccoli, onions, garlic and peppers, for instance – to get the biggest health boost.

FYI, lycopene is what makes tomatoes, watermelon and red grapefruit red.

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Author: Cathy Wolz

Catherine Wolz is a writer, editor, and publications consultant for AICR.

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