Can Substituting Sweet Beverages Help You Lose Weight?

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The news that sugary drinks link to being overweight is not new. Back in 2007, AICR’s report concluded there was enough evidence on the link to recommend that we all avoid  sugary beverages.

But suppose all you did was switch out a couple of your sweetened beverages for a diet soda or water? You may lose a few pounds, suggests a new study. The study is among a handful of randomized trials to look at how changing beverages effects weight loss.

You can read the abstract of the study here.

The 318 study participants were all overweight and all drank over 200 calories per day of sugary beverages, such as sodas, sports drinks, and juice. Participants were randomly split into three groups: one group replaced their sweet beverages with water; another group replaced them with diet beverages; the third group, called the Healthy Choice group, was not directed to alter their beverages but they were given general weight-loss information at monthly meetings. (All three groups attended monthly meetings, which is when the two beverage-substituting groups received their drinks.) Read more… “Can Substituting Sweet Beverages Help You Lose Weight?”


    Doctors, Weight and Tough Conversations

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    Has your primary care doc ever talked with you about whether your weight is healthy or not?

    Now authors of a new study say that conversation is less likely to happen if your doctor is overweight or obese. One key finding was that overweight and obese doctors were less likely to discuss weight with patients than were doctors with a healthy BMI.

    But I found another statistic even more alarming: Even among the healthy BMI doctors, only 30% reported discussing weight with obese patients.

    The health risks associated with obesity are clear – including increased risk for many cancers. So why aren’t doctors doing more to help their patients?

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