3 Cups of Tea a Week: Can It Reduce Cancer Risk?

Can that cup of hot tea help you reduce your risk of cancer? There’s a lot of research on the topic – much of it promising, as today an article in the Washington Post highlights.

The latest study on the topic also points to tea’s protective effect. This study focused on cancers affecting the digestive system, such as cancers of the colon and esophagus. Women who drink three or more cups of tea each week may have lower risk of digestive system cancers, the study suggests. At least for Chinese women who don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

This new study is a large one, analyzing data from almost 70,000 women who were part of the Shanghai Women’s Health Study. The women were 40 to 70 years old at the start; that was when they answered questions about how much tea they typically drink, along with other lifestyle habits. Every two to three years, the women again answered questions about their diet, physical activity, weight and lifestyle habits. Continue reading