Lifting Weights to Beat Cancer: Carla’s Story

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Carla and her two children

All of us at AICR are grateful to the people who make our vital work possible. Many of our donors are living AICR’s message every day — and are actively advocating for cancer prevention lifestyles in their communities.

Our donors run, bike and even hike to raise money for cancer prevention research and awareness. Now, for the first time, one of them is throwing her support behind AICR and our mission by lifting weights.

Meet Carla, one of our current special events donors.  She’s using her personal fitness goals to raise funds for cancer research and to build awareness for health, fitness and cancer prevention.

After the birth of her second child, Carla found herself at 200 pounds. She decided to embark on a journey to lose weight and improve her health. During this time, several loved ones, including her dear friend Sue, passed away from cancer. These losses hit Carla hard, but she harnessed that sadness and recommitted herself to her journey in their honor. Read more… “Lifting Weights to Beat Cancer: Carla’s Story”


    Your AICR Guide to Tasteful and Tasty Gifts

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    With our easy to follow gift-giving guide, your holiday shopping will be done in no time.  Find the friend(s) or relative(s) described below, follow the link and you’ll be set. Then – relax and enjoy the holiday season!


    The Chocoholic:  Make a batch of Chocolate-Dipped Fruit or Three-Way Hot Cocoa Mix; package attractively and attach the fun health facts from our website.


    The Aspiring Chef:  The New American Plate Cookbook from AICR with 200 delicious and healthy recipes and luscious illustrations.

    The Practical OrganizerAICR 2010 Calendar.  Fun illustrations with healthy tips and mouth-watering, monthly recipes.

    Nieces, Nephews, Grandchildren: Kids Coloring Recipe Book. Fun with healthy food – a great stocking-stuffer.

    For a loved one who is a cancer survivor: “A Dietitian’s Cancer Story” by Diana Dyer, MS, RD offers information and inspiration for recovery and healing.  Or a donation to AICR in their name can be a way to honor their courage and hope.

    Enjoy your healthy holiday shopping!