One Message, Many Voices: Saluting the Ambassadors of AICR

By Posted on Leave a comment on One Message, Many Voices: Saluting the Ambassadors of AICR at AICR, we espouse a simple, evidence-based and empowering message: Every one of us can take steps to lower our cancer risk.

We enumerate those steps, and the research behind them, in an ever-growing variety of ways, for diverse audiences. Our brochures, health aids and website show people how to put the science of prevention to work in their daily lives.

Some of those people are looking for tips on becoming more active. Some want to try recipes we’ve developed that meet our cancer prevention guidelines. Others wish to dig more deeply into the decades of research behind our advice. Donors want to know how they can help support life-saving research. Scientists want to know about the grants we’ve funded, and which topics will be featured at our research conference.

AICR’s underlying message to all of these different audiences is exactly the same, but we speak in slightly different voices, tailored to their varying needs. The era of one-size-fits-all education, of expecting a single brochure to speak to everyone, is over.

And we can always use help. Help adapting our vital message to specific audiences, help getting into the hands, and the hearts, of the people who stand to benefit from it the most.

That’s why we’re so delighted whenever we see others taking up our banner, and advocating our cause.

All of us at AICR salute those of you who are helping increase awareness of AICR’s message and mission, and sharing the hard-won knowledge that we are not powerless before cancer.


    Walking for Cancer Prevention with TeamAICR

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    Physical activity is a major part of AICR’s message for cancer prevention: Being physically active reduces risk for colorectal, post-menopausal breast and endometrial cancer.

    But we don’t just talk the talk. Every year our staff laces up their shoes and puts on a TeamAICR jersey for the St. Patrick’s Day 8k in downtown Washington, D.C.

    We may not be the fastest group, or even the most coordinated, but when you put our staff in matching shirts and throw us in to a themed race we’re more than a little enthusiastic.

    Whole Team 2013

    Runners and walkers of all different levels met up early Sunday morning. We had a great turnout, including first-time racers, former cross-country champs and some very chilly cheerers who braved the cold to root us on.

    DanHeather2013This diverse group has one thing in common — a passionate support for cancer prevention research and awareness. This year we raised nearly $1,000 for cancer research! Learn more about the runners and cheerers at our staff 8k page or leave a note of encouragement in the comments (some of us are a bit sore).

    So if you’re ready for the challenge, or just want to look this stylish:










    visit the TeamAICR page for a list of marathons and fun runs. You can also email with questions or for tips on holding you own event.

    Happy running!


      Team AICR’s Teen Triathlete

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      Sabrina Simpson ran her first half-marathon at the age of 9, and she’s been running for charities ever since. Now 15 years old, Sabrina is AICR’s Cancer FIghter of the Month. Last month, AICR staff member Chelsea went down to North Carolina to cheer on Sabrina in her triathlon for Team AICR and give her family a tour of the Marilyn Gentry labs at University of North Carolina. Here, Sabrina tells us why she runs for charities and how she keeps going.

      Q: First, how did you do in your triathlon?

      A: Pretty well! I was a bit disappointed that I received 4th place in the 16 to 18 age group even though I am still 15 until September 14th. But apparently they base your age group by birth year only so I was placed in the 16-year-old category. Otherwise, I would have been in 1st place! I had loads of fun though, which is really what matters.

      Q: Why did you want to give your donations to AICR? 

      A: Ever since I started raising money through racing, I wanted to contribute to cancer research. I’ve had multiple friends and family members die from cancer, and I’ve always wanted to somehow help to find a cure for it and help people prevent it. AICR was just so supportive and helpful that I decided the money would be best used if it were in their hands. Read more… “Team AICR’s Teen Triathlete”