Confused About the Latest Research? You’re Not Alone

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If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why so many nutrition studies seem to contradict each other – and why studying nutrition and cancer is so difficult – you are in good I recently returned from the American Society for Nutrition meeting at the 2013 Experimental Biology conference in Boston and as usual, this was a prominent topic of conversation.

This year at the conference a session that particularly drew my attention was sponsored by ILSI North America. Presentations and videos from this session are available on the ILSI website.

One of the speakers in the session, statistician David Allison, PhD, suggested provocative actions that challenge the way research is traditionally conducted and publicized. According to Dr. Allison, all too often published research is distorted and misleading.

Some of the reasons for this include the common practice of not reporting all the analyses that are conducted in a given study, not publishing (or being able to get published) results from studies don’t find effects, and overstating the importance of a study’s findings. Read more… “Confused About the Latest Research? You’re Not Alone”