Controlling Your Cravings without Self-Control

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Dieters who have trouble controlling those dessert cravings may find that paying careful attention to every decadent forkful (or spoonful) may help, suggests a new study published online in the Journal of Consumer Research.

The study included a series of tests that focused on how our self-control influences what we eat. Here’s the abstract.

In one test, the researchers found that people who have more self-control eat less sugary foods because they get satisfied on the sweet foods faster. Based on a questionnaire, participants were categorized into having high or low self-control.

For this study, almost 200 participants chose from either peanuts or raisins – the healthy snacks – or M&Ms or Skittles. They rated how much they liked their first bite and then ate as much as they wanted while watching a video. At the end, they again rated how much they liked what they were eating. Read more… “Controlling Your Cravings without Self-Control”