Progress in Prevention: The Affordable Care Act

Leave the politics aside, if you can. All of us who work to fight cancer and other chronic diseases can agree on one thing: We need to do more than treat the problem. We need an increased national focus on preventio

The Affordable Care Act that goes into action tomorrow, October 1, marks significant progress on that score. Its increased focus on obesity is an acknowledgement that obesity causes major health issues. AICR research shows that obesity increases the risk for seven different cancers.

For the first time, you can receive obesity screening and counseling at no charge. This handy USA Today article reviews some of the ways that different plans will address obesity counseling and related efforts. Continue reading

Playing the Odds: What We Mean by “Prevention”

Cancer prevention: It’s what AICR is all about. We fund research, analyze data and produce recommendations, all with the same goal in mind — saving lives.

We want to reduce the burden tbigstock-Magnifying-Glass-Person-Search-5197835hat cancer places on the population, both in lives lost, as well as in the billions of dollars now spent on cancer care. We want to make cancer much, much more rare.

When researchers and policy makers talk about “cancer prevention,” that’s what they mean. They’re looking at the issue from the population level, with the goal of reducing the number of cases of cancer that occur within a given group.

When we at AICR talk to the research community or policy makers, “prevention” is the word we use, as its nuanced technical meaning is generally understood.

But when we talk to individuals – when we translate the science into practical, easy-to-understand information that people can use in their daily lives, we have to be careful. Continue reading

Pair Chicken with Pears

chicken-and-pear-saladChopped fruit makes a salad tastier and higher in cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Our Health-e-Recipe for Chicken and Pear Salad is a great example.

Pears are one of the most delicious autumn fruits. Their juicy texture and sweet taste are a natural complement for chicken. A few kinds of pears include: Anjou, with a yellow-green skin and slightly bitter edge; Asian, which looks and tastes like an apple; Bartlett, round, bumpy and quick to ripen; and Bosc, red and slim with a firmer texture.

Spicy red onion and cool cucumber provide a crunchy contrast in this salad. Toss these healthy ingredients together with a honey-lemon dressing that has a hint of mint and cinnamon.

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