Apples, Newlywed Fitness and Healthy Aging

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The latest issue of Cancer Research Update was sent out today: here’s a rundown of some of the stories highlighted.
– New lab and human studies are strengthening the evidence that being active and eating healthy leads to healthy aging.

– Somewhat related, a new study in fruit flies suggests that eating the compounds in apples – equaling about 6 apples per day if you were on a 2,000-calorie a day diet – may also help us live 10 percent longer.

– Getting married may lead to both men and women becoming less fit, suggests a new study that looked at how changes in marital status relate to changes in fitness. The study was mainly made up of men but it still found some significant differences between how women and men react fitness-wise to marriage, divorce and staying single.

You can read more in CRU.


    Red Meat Links to More Cancers

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    Today’s issue of CRU features a large study that connects to AICR new education campaign for older Americans, It’s Never Too Late to Reduce Your Cancer Risk. In the study, people who ate lots of red meat had a higher risk of esophageal cancer compared to those who ate the least red meat. It relates to our campaign because the study was conducted in about 400,000 people who were 50 to 71 years old at the start of the study. Researchers followed the participants health for a decade, and looked at both esophageal and stomach cancer.

    You can read more about the study in CRU.

    The study is not conclusive, but it does highlight how diet and other lifestyle factors can play a role in preventing cancer for people of all ages. (AICR’s expert report has conclusively shown that red and processed meat is a cause of colorectal cancer.)

    Have you – or someone you know – cut down the amount of red meat in your diet? Any tips you can share?