Small Weight Loss, Healthy Heart and Cancer Risk

Obesity and heart disease is making headlines again today with a major new analysis on how overweight and obese people can cut their risk of the disease.Fat Cells_canstockphoto2438218

Coming a week after the release of new obesity guidelines, both pieces of news highlight how a lifestyle that prevents heart disease also prevents cancer. Obesity and overweight is a cause of seven cancers.

Today’s analysis, published in The Lancet, suggests that overweight and obese people can cut their risk of a heart attack by almost half by reducing their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, even if they don’t lose weight. They can lower their risk for stroke even more, about 75 percent.

But even with these risk factors under control, if you are overweight or obese, you are still probably at higher risk of a heart attack or stroke compared to someone at a healthy weight.

In last week’s release of new guidelines for heart health, much of the news — and controversy — focused on the statin recommendations. But there were also new guidelines Continue reading