Study: Children of Older Parents with Cancer at Risk (& Reducing that Risk)

In a finding that underscores the importance of making lifestyle choices that can reduce cancer risk, a layoung people with childrenrge new study now suggests that even when parents are diagnosed with a cancer at an older age the child is still at increased risk of that cancer.

The paper is published online today at BMJ.

We focus on preventing cancer here but there are factors that increase our risk of cancer none of us can avoid, such as our age and our genes. For many cancers, having a parent diagnosed with that cancer increases the cancer risk for the child.

For this study, the researchers pulled information from a Swedish database that includes over 8 million Swedes born after 1931 and their parents. They looked at cancer diagnosis of parents and their children, from newborns to ages 76, and from the years 1961 to 2008. Continue reading