Fill Up on Fiber: Vegetable Stew

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Adding fiber-rich foods to your diet is a good way to help meet your weight-loss goals and add cancer protection to your plate. This week’s Health-e-Recipe for Vegetable Stew combines a medley of hearty vegetables with brown rice in a delicious one-pot stew.

Carrots and zucchini, sautéed together with tomatoes provide vitamins A, C and K and are rich in carotenoids that may help lower risk for cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and lung. Foods containing the compound beta-carotene (like carrots) may also help protect against esophageal cancer. Research has also found that lycopene, a compound found in tomatoes, could provide protection against prostate cancer.

AICR/WCRF’s latest Continuous Update Report concluded that there was convincing evidence that dietary fiber protects against colorectal cancer. Emerging research also suggests a possible link between fiber and breast cancer prevention.

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    Major New Analysis: Fiber May Prevent Breast Cancer

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    Eating a diet high in fiber (which occurs naturally in vegetables, whole grains, beans and fruit) may protect women against breast cancer, according to one of the largest analyses of the literature published today online in the advance issue of Annals of Oncology.

    The research was funded by the World Cancer Research Fund as part of AICR/WCRF’s Continuous Update Project (CUP) (pdf), an ongoing review of cancer prevention research.

    The study found that for every 10 grams of fiber consumed daily – slightly less than a cup of beans – the risk of breast cancer was 5 percent lower. Consuming  20 grams of fiber daily would mean a 10 percent lower risk, and so on.

    You can read the abstract here. Read more… “Major New Analysis: Fiber May Prevent Breast Cancer”


      Why Quinoa?

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      Whole Grain Quinoa

      In this week’s eNews video we show how to make a high fiber Quinoa and Lentil Salad great for summer meals. Why Quinoa?

      Quinoa is an ancient grain (technically not a grain, but is used as a grain) from South America that’s gluten-free and higher in protein than most grains. You may still have to search for it in supermarkets in the “natural food” aisle, but it is gaining popularity in the United States.

      For people with Celiac Disease, this recipe can be a great option because all ingredients can be gluten-free (check labels on broth and don’t use malt vinegar) and for those wanting a vegan dish, substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth.

      This can be made in about 30 minutes: While the lentils and quinoa are cooking, chop the vegetables and whisk together the dressing. You may have time to prepare the rest of the meal and then simply assemble all the ingredients for the salad.