Does a Cancer-Protective Diet Cost More?

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Last week, a lot of headlines featured news about an analysis that found eating the healthiest of diets costs more per day – about $1.50 more – than the least healthy diet.

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The analysis of research was published in BMJ Open and it’s important information for cancer prevention. Eating a diet with plenty of fiber, fruits, vegetables and other healthful foods plays a role in cancer risk and weight. A healthy diet and a healthy weight could prevent approximately 120,000 US cancers each year.

Doing the math, eating the healthiest diets on average cost about $550 more a year than the least healthy. That’s a barrier for many, as the authors point out.

But cancer – along with the other chronic diseases related to an unhealthy diet – has an expensive toll. Globally, cancer costs more than any other disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.

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    Fruits & Veggies: Get it Cheap

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    Let’s face it, healthy eating has an expensive reputation. But what if you can get all your servings of fruits and vegetables for about $2 a day?

    You probably can, according to a government report by the Economic Research Service (ERS). The report, which was released a year ago, estimated average prices for 153 fresh and processed fruits, vegetables and legumes.

    Today’s issue of Cancer Research Update highlights the cheapest of the lot: beans. Pinto beans came in at 13 cents per cup of cooked beans.  About half a cup is considered a serving. Read more… “Fruits & Veggies: Get it Cheap”