Study: Antioxidants from Our Coffee and Diet May Cut Prostate Cancer Risk

Research now shows that men can reduce their risk of prostate cancer by eating foods containing lycopene and selenium, two phytochemicals that act as antioxidant in our body. Now a large new study that suggests men get over a quarter of their antioxidants from coffee has found that consumingCoffeeBeansCup_dreamstime_13158097_smallplenty of antioxidants from our diet has a weak link to reduced prostate cancer risk.

The study – supported in part by AICR – was published in the International Journal of Cancer last week.

For the study, almost 48,000 men answered questions about what they ate, drank and the supplements they took, starting in 1986 and then every four years. Researchers calculated antioxidant intake by assigning a value to each food or supplement.

Overall, coffee was supplying the men with 28 percent of their total antioxidants; fruits and vegetables were giving the men 23 percent; and dietary supplements another 23 percent. Continue reading

More Hot Research: Coffee May Lower Risk of Oral Cancer

Hot on the heels of AICR’s latest summary of the evidence on coffee and cancer risk in our Foods that Fight Cancer, a new study published this week found that drinking coffee – with caffeine – may help protect against death from oral/pharyngeal cancers.

Published in the American Journal of Epidemiology the researchers report a strong association for lower risk from caffeinated coffee. The link for decaffeinated coffee was weaker, though suggested some benefit. They found no association for tea. Continue reading

Tasty Gifts for Health and Cancer Prevention

Some of my favorite gifts to give and receive are delicious – and often homemade – treats that are also healthful and cancer protective.

It’s time to start if you want to do some cooking and baking. I’ve selected a few favorites from the AICR Test Kitchen that I’ll be cooking up over the next couple of weeks, so check these out for something healthy, homemade and pretty.

Walnut Chai Tea Loaf

This elegant bread offers the spicy warmth of Indian Chai tea with subtle sweetness, a perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea. And the fiber rich whole-wheat flour helps lower risk for colorectal cancer. All ingredients are easy to find and you can mix this up and have it ready to bake in just a few minutes. Tie a festive ribbon on a wrapped loaf or place with a colorful linen napkin in a beautiful bread basket to present as a gift. Continue reading