Apples, Newlywed Fitness and Healthy Aging

The latest issue of Cancer Research Update was sent out today: here’s a rundown of some of the stories highlighted.
– New lab and human studies are strengthening the evidence that being active and eating healthy leads to healthy aging.

– Somewhat related, a new study in fruit flies suggests that eating the compounds in apples – equaling about 6 apples per day if you were on a 2,000-calorie a day diet – may also help us live 10 percent longer.

– Getting married may lead to both men and women becoming less fit, suggests a new study that looked at how changes in marital status relate to changes in fitness. The study was mainly made up of men but it still found some significant differences between how women and men react fitness-wise to marriage, divorce and staying single.

You can read more in CRU.

Blocking Estrogen – and Breast Cancer – via Foods

Walking to lengthen survival from prostate cancer, the ideal body weight for a longer life, and kids actually liking less sugary cereal when given the choice — it’s all in the latest issue of Cancer Research Update.

This issue also features a profile of Dr. Shiuan Chen at the City of Hope, whose laboratory research is finding that certain foods can suppress the activity of aromatase, an enzyme that converts androgen to estrogen. Lower levels of estrogen can slow or inhibit the growth of estrogen-sensitive breast tumors. His latest study involves pomegranates, but he’s had some promising findings with mushrooms and grapes too.