Question? Meet Dori, AICR’s Cancer Fighter of the Month

Thanks to Leah, our Dietetic Intern, for this post!

If you’ve seen any AICR materials, there’s a good chance you’ve benefited from the knowledge of Dori Mitchell, MS, RD. Whether editing nutrition articles or answering questions on the Nutrition Hotline, Dori has been a part of the AICR team almost since it was founded, 1985 to be exact. Her interest in AICR’s mission was sparked in graduate school and today, she continues to educate the public about how food, weight and physical activity affect cancer prevention, treatment and recurrence.

Q: Why were you interested in working for cancer prevention and for cancer survivors?

A: As a new and young registered dietitian, I was eager to learn more about the emerging diet-cancer research and then write nutrition education articles and develop cancer protective recipes.

Q: What makes your work challenging in educating the public about cancer? Continue reading