Making Your BBQ Sauce With a Sweet and Spicy Twist

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Most barbecue sauces are made with high fructose corn syrup and other highly processed ingredients that may be harmful to your health. By making your own sauce, you have control over the ingredients. This sweet and spicy sauce gives a twist on traditional pulled pork sandwiches that makes for a great 4th of July recipe that you can make ahead of time in a slow cooker.

Although I love hosting barbecues this time of year, I find day-of cooking stressful. You can make this sauce up to 3 days ahead of time and keep it refrigerated to plan ahead. Read more… “Making Your BBQ Sauce With a Sweet and Spicy Twist”


    Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken, A Juicy (Healthier) Barbecue

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    My bucket list has always centered on food.

    Item: Stroll home from my local boulangerie with a fresh baguette tucked under my arm, like a true Parisienne. Check – I did it many times when I lived in Paris apprenticing as a cook.

    Item: Eat freshly made ricotta cheese in the mountains of Sicily. Check – It was as rustic and delicious as it sounds, arriving at sunrise with mist rising from the valley and a light breeze carrying sheep smell as we warmed our hands around wooden bowls filled with creamy, slightly grainy curds of ricotta just made by shepherds over a wood fire.

    Item: Eat genuine barbecue. Double Check. The first time was while driving through Texas Hill Country. I cannot recall the name of the place but their brisket, slow-cooked over wood, was to die for. The second time was pickin’ pig with Julia Child in Atlanta. Standing with other guests, including Julia, at a specially arranged barbecue, around a whole pit-roasted pig arrayed on a picnic table, pulling off meltingly tender strands, we agreed it was divinely messy and memorable. Read more… “Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken, A Juicy (Healthier) Barbecue”


      Lighten Up Your Summer Barbecues

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      We’re at the peak of summer barbecue season, which typically involves getting together with friends and family over big food gatherings. I’ve had many patients asking me recently for tips to eat healthier at parties, especially with the 4th of July coming up. The abundance of

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      calorie-dense foods poses a constant challenge if you are trying to lose or even maintain your weight.

      This 4th of July – and beyond – here are a few ways to host a summer barbecue gathering that is both tasty and cancer-preventive.

      The Main Dish: add some color
      Instead of the traditional cheeseburgers and hotdogs served with white bread, get creative and add some color to the main dish. I’ve been loving kabobs lately – they are a great way to combine lean protein, vegetables (and even fruit). Here are some ideas:

      For protein options try chicken, shrimp, heartier fish — like salmon, tuna or swordfish — or extra firm tofu. Mix up the vegetables: try peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant or mushrooms. Use pineapple to add a sweet touch.

      Thread your skewers, then top with a light marinade. Marinating the skewers adds flavor and helps reduce the carcinogens created when grilling foods. Right now, my favorite is tuna kabobs with onion, red pepper, and peach or pineapple. I marinate the whole skewer with a soy and ginger mix for about an hour then grill. Read more… “Lighten Up Your Summer Barbecues”