For diet and cancer prevention, do we really know enough to act?

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We do know enough now to make eating choices that lower our risk of cancer. In fact, we know that for people with typical American diets, waiting for more information before making any changes is increasing their risk of cancer.

It’s true that research on diet to lower cancer risk is a hot area with many questions still to be answered. That’s why it’s important when making changes to make your decisions on guidelines based on the overall body of research. Trying to act on each new study that makes headlines can make you feel like you’ve got whiplash… not a wise approach.

This year’s AICR Research Conference featured the renowned Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard University presenting his view of what we know and don’t know on diet and cancer. Here’s my take, based on Dr. Willett’s presentation and others at the conference. Read more… “For diet and cancer prevention, do we really know enough to act?”


    Can Exercise Offset Alcohol-Related Cancer Death?

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    Research shows that drinking alcohol increases cancer risk. Now, a new study is suggesting that going for that daily run or walk might offset risk for cancer mortality.

    This study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found the link between alcohol and cancer mortality goes away when people meet the minimum physical activity guidelines. These findings have been making headlines, but do they give you license to drink with abandon as long as you’re physically active? Not so fast.

    The study used data from over 36,000 British men and women ages 40 and up who were interviewed between 1994 and 2006 about their physical activity and alcohol consumption habits as part of larger, ongoing health surveys. Researchers classified participants as never-drinkers, ex-drinkers, or current drinkers based on what they told interviewers. Current drinkers were further categorized by how much alcohol they drank in the past week. Read more… “Can Exercise Offset Alcohol-Related Cancer Death?”


      New review, alcohol increases risk of 7 cancers

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      A new analysis of the evidence that uses AICR research concludes that alcohol links to increased risk of seven types of cancers, causing almost half a million deaths from cancer in 2012. The review, published today in the journal Addiction, supports AICR’s findings.

      The new review concluded that alcohol consumption linked to cancers of the: breast; pharynx; larynx; esophagus; liver; colon; and rectum. (AICR evidence also shows a link with alcohol and stomach cancer.)

      AICR’s Recommendations for Cancer Prevention say that if you do drink alcohol, drink moderate amounts. (1 glass for women daily; 2 for men).

      Read more… “New review, alcohol increases risk of 7 cancers”