Large study finds (again) obesity links to many cancers

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A large new analysis of research confirms that obesity links to many forms of cancer, supporting AICR’s findings on the obesity-cancer link and highlighting clear evidence that obesity is a major cause of cancer.

The study was published today in the BMJ. It was funded in part by World Cancer Research Fund International, of which AICR is a member.

The study was a review of review studies. The authors looked at analyses that included how measures of excess body fat relate to both the risk of developing and dying from cancer. Read more… “Large study finds (again) obesity links to many cancers”


    Will losing weight lower your cancer risk? It can.

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    Many people think that whether or not you get cancer is just luck of the draw. Or, that your chances are determined by genes you inherit from your parents.

    Anne McTiernan, MD, PhD.

    While there is some randomness to who develops cancer, and genes are important, a new awareness survey suggests most people don’t know about  lifestyle and health characteristics that affect your risk for cancer. Several of these can be reversed.

    We’ve known for many years that being overweight or obese increases risk for several types of cancer, including cancers of the colon, rectum, endometrium, liver, kidney, breast (in postmenopausal women), gallbladder, pancreas, and some parts of the stomach, ovary, and esophagus. Obesity also increases risk for developing advanced prostate cancer, the most dangerous stage of this cancer. Some newer studies suggest that obesity also increases risk for thyroid cancer and for some cancers of the blood, lymph, and nervous systems. Read more… “Will losing weight lower your cancer risk? It can.”


      Puppies and Cancer Prevention

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      We got a new puppy after Christmas. It’s the first dog for our family – and my first ever – so the last six weeks have been a steep learning curve. Like a diligent student I had done my reading and thought I knew what we were letting ourselves in for – but of course the reality has been somewhat more demanding.

      What does our new puppy have to do with Cancer Prevention Month?

      In all my reading I had not paid any attention to his exercise needs, thinking that would be delegated to my teenage daughter. But surprisingly, the favorite part of my day now is when my daughter and I walk our puppy every evening. Read more… “Puppies and Cancer Prevention”