Obesity and Cancer Research, Finding Solutions that Fit

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I recently attended the annual Obesity Week conference, a joint meeting hosted by The Obesity Society and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), in National Harbor, Maryland.  Given the scale, complexity and impact of overweight and obesity on health and wellness, it was encouraging to see that these problems are being addressed from every possible angle.

Three sessions at the conference were focused on obesity and cancer; in addition, AICR sponsored a special cancer-focused issue of the Obesity Journal, timed to coincide with Obesity Week.  The research presented covered the full spectrum from lab studies to human interventions and policy advice on the links between obesity and cancer.

The defining moment for me was how cancer researcher Dr. Stephen Hursting captured the mood of the meeting perfectly saying: “We need to stop asking, “Is obesity a risk factor for cancer?” Yes. It is. Now we need to focus on how to reduce the impact of obesity on cancer risk and outcomes”. Read more… “Obesity and Cancer Research, Finding Solutions that Fit”


    Nutrition research round-up: News from food, nutrition conference

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    Last week AICR joined the centennial celebration of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – the US organization for food and nutrition professionals – at their annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. We shared AICR’s cancer prevention research and education and chatted with hundreds of dietitians.

    We also attended scientific sessions and heard some of the latest research on food and nutrition and health. Here’s a brief round-up from a few sessions focused on cancer:

    Intermittent Fasting, Health and Cancer

    Intermittent fasting means alternating one or more normal eating days with at least one day of fasting and is a hot topic in health research. Here researchers presented evidence on overnight fasts of at least 13 hours and how that might affect weight, metabolic health and perhaps cancer risk, including these 2 studies: Read more… “Nutrition research round-up: News from food, nutrition conference”


      Harvesting a Fall Salad

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      This hearty fall salad includes seasonal roasted vegetables with the perfect combination of savory, sweet and spicy ingredients. It’s also packed full of cancer-protective foods including winter squash, Brussels sprouts and chickpeas – all of which are featured in AICR’s Foods that Fight Cancer.

      The first time I made this salad for a group of carnivores I was met with skepticism that it would be filling enough as a main dish, but the hearty dose of fiber-filled vegetables makes it not only nutritious, but extremely satisfying. The combination of warm roasted vegetables with chilled toppings and crunchy kale chips also enhance the tastiness and texture of the dish. Read more… “Harvesting a Fall Salad”