Swap Meat for Spicy Lentils in this Hearty Salad

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Lentils are one of my favorite pantry staples. These legumes are part of the family of pulses, which also include beans, peas and chickpeas. They are rich in nutrients, inexpensive and versatile.

Lentils are also hearty enough that they make a great alternative to meat in salads, soups, and burgers. This lentil salad is one of my all-time favorite recipes because it’s simple to prepare with a unique, tasty combination of spices and flavors. Read more… “Swap Meat for Spicy Lentils in this Hearty Salad”


    Make Your Burritos Green

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    collard-greens-burrito croppedIn honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the arrival of Spring, try our new cancer-protective recipe that will make your burritos green.

    Beans and Greens Burritos are green in color and environmentally friendly (because they’re meatless). These burritos have only 120 calories each yet 6 grams of cancer-fighting fiber. Lightly cooked, collard greens have large leaves that are soft enough to chew yet firm enough to hold the black bean, brown rice and corn stuffing.

    Including dark leafy greens in a meal once a day is a terrific health booster. Cook tougher greens like collards, kale, chard or spinach by steaming them or putting them in soups, stews and sauces. Expand your salads with arugula, watercress or baby spinach. You’ll get cancer-preventive carotenoids like lutein, plus calcium, potassium and some iron.

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      Upgrade Your Falafel with Vegetarian Main Dish

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      chickpea-fritters croppedOne of our latest recipes, Chickpea and Butternut Squash Fritters, is a  restaurant-quality vegetarian dish that uses a unique combination of healthy cancer-preventive ingredients.

      A lot of people are familiar with chickpeas in the deep-fried chickpea balls called falafels. But they are usually high in fat and calories. Chickpeas themselves are naturally low in fat; nutty and buttery-tasting. Like all legumes, they provide protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals that make them a staple in dishes ranging from Indian channa masala to Middle Eastern hummus.

      Butternut squash is also rich in fiber as well as the antioxidant phytochemical beta-carotene, another cancer-preventive compound. The other ingredients – green onions, garlic, sage, cumin and red pepper flakes – taste great with the nutty chickpeas and subtly sweet squash and offer their own phytochemicals. Add the egg and whole-wheat flour and you get perfect fritters. Read more… “Upgrade Your Falafel with Vegetarian Main Dish”