Not Your Mother’s Chocolate Mousse

chocolate-and-blueberry-tofuThis Valentine’s Day, say “I love you” with a Health-e-Recipe for Chocolate and Blueberry Tofu Mousse with Sesame Crunch. This elegant dessert uses a secret, undetectable ingredient—silken tofu—to boost its health-protective phytochemicals. Adding still more cancer-fighting power, blueberry syrup lends a tangy taste contrast.

This mousse recipe was developed by Shameer Griffin of Philadelphia, PA, who won second place in the Healthy Dessert Contest hosted by AICR and the Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (CCAP), which helps high school students who aspire to be chefs.

The finished dessert looks 5-star-restaurant quality, but making it is actually simple. The mousse of almond milk, chocolate, vanilla extract and tofu takes 10 minutes or less to blend; then just chill for an hour. The blueberry syrup and sesame crunch each take about 20 minutes, but you can make them while the mousse chills. Continue reading

Chill Out with Fruit Soup

fruit-soup croppedFor a refreshing and healthy change, try ourHealth-e-Recipe for Chilled Fruit Soup with Berries.

Six kinds of fruit go into this slightly tropical tasting soup. First, cubed cantaloupe and both fresh and frozen strawberries and blended together with apples into a delicious pink colored liquid with a touch of lemon juice and sugar. Cantaloupe contains beta-carotene and strawberries supply you with vitamin C, while apples are a good source of cancer-fighting compounds like flavonoids.

Then fresh raspberries and blueberries decorate the soup, adding their own protective compounds of ellagic acid and anthocyanins. With only 140 calories per serving, you get 5 grams of fiber and a winning soup or smoothie to sip. If you refrigerate any leftover soup and it separates, just stir it up before serving a second time.

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Foods Dietitians Eat and You Should Too this TV news clip today, you’ll hear me talk about foods many Americans may think are healthy, but actually come up short nutritionally. Knowing what foods to avoid isn’t enough though – what about foods that Americans are overlooking that actually pump up our health?

Here are my top 5 picks for underused and easy healthy foods that can fit into your cancer-fighting diet:

Sweet potatoes. Although we’re eating more sweet potatoes now than 10 years ago, Americans still only eat 1½ medium sweet potatoes per month on average. One medium sweet potato stays light at only 100 calories and is packed with fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium and magnesium.

  • You can: Simply microwave or bake whole. Get creative and add a roasted slice to sandwiches. Or impress your friends with baked sweet potato fries.

Milk. Americans drink a lot of sugary beverages, but less and less milk overall. Pour yourself a cup of lowfat milk for a quick snack that provides protein, calcium, vitamin D (fortified), potassium and riboflavin. There’s no prep and just one cup to wash.

  • You can: Heat and add to coffee for Café au Lait; Blend with bananas, strawberries and ice for a easy morning smoothie. Continue reading